Watch South Miami Hospital Surgeons Perform Robot-Assisted Prostatectomy

0114-Robotic Prostatectomy South Miami Hospital, Miami, FL, January 19, 2010

Good afternoon. Welcome to the South Miami Hospital operating room, the Center for Robotic Surgery. My name is Dr. Andy Pinon. This is my partner, Dr. Darren Bruck. He’s going to be at the table side at the very beginning, helping us navigate through this da Vinci assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. Our scrub, which is Alex Santander, our nurse anesthetist back there, Chuck, our nurse, Lourdes, they’re all part of a valuable team in doing this case.

If you bother to look for one second here, you will see what we’re doing. We’ve gone inside the abdomen; that’s inside the belly for us large people. And here are two instruments, and Mr. Santander [PH] will show the size of these instruments. These instruments are smaller than the tips of my fingers, and you can focus on that. They’re long and they have needle drivers, instruments with which to grasp and burn, scissors and whatever instruments we may need to do the case.   Read more at